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Joinery companies are not the kind of tradespeople that you hire on a regular basis. In times when we need their services, you often don’t have enough experience to tell the good from the bad. We usually start with recommendations from neighbours, friends, or previous customers before we make our own choice and decisions. The good thing is that most modern joinery companies now promote themselves online. Everyone has access to the websites, checks the available services, and compares prices. Some companies also provide testimonial and proofs of previous projects to convince potential customers. As easy as it may seem to hire a joinery company online, you still have to do your due diligence to get the most of your budget. Here are some things to consider.


Previous Projects that the joinery company has undertaken


It is easy to recommend a joinery company when you have used its services before. Your neighbours and friends may also recommend someone based on previous jobs the company provided for them. Let us not forget that each project is different due to various factors for examples location and budget. Every project presents distinctive challenges, so you have to make sure that the recommended company has undertaken a project similar to the one you need. Check the company’s websites and see some photographs in its portfolio.


Certifications and accreditations are important as well. One of the signs of a professional joinery company is that it meets the requirements for health and safety, insurance, and environmental policies from reputable organizations recognized by either departmental or non-departmental public body. Accreditations in terms of quality as well as health and safety are signs of professionalism. On the other hand, membership of certain organization does not necessarily indicate that the company is filled with skilful experienced employees. You should not choose a joinery company merely because it is a member of popular association.


Know What You Need from your joinery company


A joinery company can claim that it provides all kinds of jobs and services for all customers. In the actual worksite, you must understand that you basically hire joiners and joiners. Although both work with woods in some way or another, there are real differences. Some joiners handle framing, structural works, and formworks, while others mostly work on trim, moulding, and decking. There is also finish joiner who specializes in repairing.


The term “joiner” and “carpenter” are sometimes used interchangeably because their professions overlap each other in many cases. However, each specializes in different tasks. In traditional sense, a joiner works in a workshop to make things that a carpenter will install or fix. For example, a joiner does a better job at making staircases, but a carpenter should take over when it comes to fitting it in your house.


Before you decide to work with any joinery company, it is best that you understand the projects and know what you need. Chances are you need joiner and carpenter, but the amount of saving from not hiring unnecessary professional can be substantial. A good joinery company has both skilful joiner and carpenter to tackle all kinds of projects. The company or contractor will assign each task to the right professional.


Ask for Credentials


Even a professional joinery company may not provide full information of its credentials for examples qualification, insurance, and license. If you cannot find such information in the website, do not hesitate to ask for proof of any of those via email or phone. If the joinery company does have the required credentials, you should find no difficulties. Also, photographs of previous works you see on the company’s website may not cover all projects. When you are unsure, you can always ask for examples of projects similar to yours.


Quotes from Joinery Companies


No matter how small or big the project is, a smart buyer will compare prices from at least several providers. A smarter buyer will make even more thorough comparison in all aspects of the jobs including wood quality and job completion time. Similar to everything else, either the cheapest or most expensive is not always best. It is possible that you get cheaper quote because the company uses cheaper materials as well; you probably get quite expensive pricing due to quicker time frame. As a rule of thumb, quality works tend to be more expensive but the joinery company is probably willing to make compromises to reduce the price.


Depending on the type of projects, a company can either give quotes directly on phone or after a representative visits the work site. The latter is a better option, and you probably should opt for that. After thorough inspection of the work site location and the existing construction, the representative will be able to give more flexible custom quotes exactly to your specification. In case your budget is restrictive, the representative of the joinery company can help you understand the compromises to make for examples lower quality wood, longer completion time, different level of finishing, etc. Direct inspection also leads to more open discussion about everything else related to the job; use the chance to ask for the previously mentioned credentials.


Professional joinery companies can handle any job regardless clients’ specifications. As long as you are straightforward about all the works involved, the joinery company will be comfortable with giving you a proper quote. Bottom line, a joinery company must be flexible to provide different types of woodworking services for any client under any budget restriction.


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