Stud Walls

Stud Walls

Installation of Stud Walls


Marking out of the room dimensions  

Take the dimension from the floor plan and mark them onto the floor, match the marking together to form the rooms with the chalk line.


Cutting of head and based rail

Measure the length of the head and base rails which have been marked out on the floor using the tape,transfer the dimension onto the timbers and mark them up, put the timbers onto the chop saw and cut to the marks


Measuring and cutting of the studs  
Position the head and base rail on top of each other and place them on the marking on the floor, measure from the top of the head and base rail to the underside of the ceiling using the tape, transfer the dimension onto the timbers and mark up using the tape and pencil, put the timbers onto the chop saw and cut to the marks 


Marking out of studs and doorways
Transfer the dimensions of where the door openings will be positioned from the floor plan and mark onto the head and base rails using the tape and pencil, starting from where two wall meet mark on the head and base rail where the stud will be positioned at the centers specified in the specification.


Assembling the stud wall frames

Put the head and base rail on the floor at around the length of the studs apart, place the studs in between the head and base rail and to the marks for the door openings and positions of the studs, pull a stud tight up to the head and fix using the nail gun, repeat this sequence on all the required studs that are fixed to the head, follow the same sequence when fixing the studs to the base rail.


Fixing the stud frames in place

With the stud wall frame in an upright position place the base rail on the marking on the floor from the setting out stage, fix the base rail into the floor using the nail gun, plumb up the stud wall frame using the spirit level and fix the head into the underside of the ceiling, follow the same sequence for all of the stud wall frames.




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