Handrail and Spindles

Handrail and Spindles

Sheffield handrail and spindle specialists

Work Sequence 

Marking up the length of the handrail and spindle

Put the handrail and spindles up against the newel posts, ensure that distance from the end two spindles is of equal distance up to the newel posts and then clamp the handrail to the newel posts, mark down where the handrail and base rail meet the newel post.


Cutting the handrail and spindles to length - using a pencil, set square,

hand saw and trestles

Put the handrail and spindles flat onto the trestles, square lines down from the marks made previously using the set square, cut down the square lines using the hand saw.


Fitting the handrail and spindle

Position the handrail and spindles, ensure that the base rail is central on the string of the staircase and fix down using the screw gun, ensure that the handrail is central on the newel posts and fix into position. 


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