Final Fixing

Final Fixing

Installing internal door handles

Put the spindle into the back of one of the handle and then insert in through the lock or latch in the door, fix the handle to the door using the screw gun, place the other handle on the other end of the spindle, fix the second handle to the door using the screw gun


Fitting GRP loft hatches

Remove the door from the frame, offer the frame up into the structural opening and fix it into position, clip the door back into the frame


Fixing the door stops - using a pencil and cordless drill

Whilst the door is in the open position mark on the floor where the door stop will sit using the pencil, core a hole in the floor for the securing pin, stop using the cordless drill, screw the securing pin into the back door, stop by hand and place it into the hole, line the door stop up to the markings that were first made and screw the door stop to the floor using the screw gun.


Fitting of the path panel - using a tape, pencil, spirit level and screw gun

Plumb a line down off the edge of the bath and mark it onto the floor using the spirit level and pencil, measure back off the line and mark the thickness of the bath panel using the tape and pencil, measure from tile to tile and cut a timber batten to the desired length using the tape pencil and hand saw, place the timber batten on the marks that are set back from the plumb line and fix it into the floor using the screw gun, cut the bath panel to the desire length using the hand saw, slide the tongue on the bath panel up into the groove in the edge of the bath, push the bottom of the bath panel back against the timber batten on the floor and fix into position. 


Fitting of the mirrors

Put the mirror up into position, place the spirit level on top of the mirror and adjust accordingly, once level mark the fixing point using the pencil, take the mirror down and drill the mark for the fixing point. Put a plug into the hole and hammer it down.  Offer the mirror back up and place a fixing through the fixing point and into the plastic plug, hammer the fixing until the plastic plug sat in the wall, tighten the fixing until it is secure on the mirror with the screw gun, repeat the same sequence on the remaining plastic plugs.


Fitting of the smoke seal

Cut the length of what this smoke seal needs to be, mark dimensions onto the smoke seal, cut the smoke seal to length using the snips, peel the covering off the adhesive strip on the back of the smoke seal and place the smoke seal into the groove in the door casing, tap the smoke seal down until it sits flush with the door casing. Continue the process on the remain cut pieces of smoke seal.


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