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Oliver Wild Ltd, Sheffield provides roof trusses to meet customer specifications. If you are looking for a truss roof subcontractor you need to find a reliable provider with the ability to manufacture your roof trusses to meet your exact requirements and ensure the perfect fit each and every time. Our subcontractors are reliable and adaptable. When breaks in weather conditions mean emergency truss roof installations are required, you won't have problems with the Oliver Wild workforce at hand. All our team are skilled and professional at their jobs, with experience in working at heights.

Quality Craftsmanship

Oliver Wild ltd uses the most modern techniques to manufacture all roof trusses to meet exact customer specifications and will optimise production schedules to give you the most cost-effective solution to your truss roofing system. Oliver Wild truss roofs provide you with savings in time and labour and are of extremely high quality, with the maximum strength and durability it's possible to attain. You can expect the highest craftsmanship from Oliver Wild truss roofs, while our subbies ensure fitting of all trusses in the speediest possible times and using the safest methodologies.


You can expect reliability from Oliver Wild Construction when you order truss roofs and use our truss roof subcontracting service. You will find our truss roof subcontractors are professionals with the ability to work on any site and integrate into the employed workforce, while ensuring all deadlines and productivity requirements are met in full. You can expect high quality and skilled workers from Oliver Wild, whether your project is a major construction work or simple property refurbishment. Oliver Wild undertake every type of construction works and offer a bespoke service in the Sheffield area and its surrounds.


The Oliver Wild ethos is to treat every client with the respect they deserve. The company provides construction work services nationwide on jobs with project values between £250,000 and up to £5million and above. If you need to hire a truss roof subcontractor from a responsible company that takes a pride in producing the best possible workmanship, contact Oliver Wild ltd for more information and to arrange an initial consultation.

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