Stud Wall Partitioning

Stud Walls


One of the services that Oliver Wild carpentry subcontractors offers is expert stud wall partitioning. If you need a new bedroom or want to add a closet or section off a portion of a room, hiring Oliver Wild to build some stud wall partitioning in your home is much more affordable than buying a new house. Stud wall partitioning is building a wood framed wall using timber studs that are secured to the floor and the ceiling of an existing structure. Each stud is part of the larger frame and is attached to both the sole plate and the top plate wood. This is re-enforced by staggered blocking across the wall between each stud, with headers or gaps for doorways and existing load bearing beams. As simple as some of this may seem, it truly takes a well-trained and experienced professional to install a durable and long standing stud wall, which is why Oliver Wild is a name that you can trust.


Oliver Wild carpentry subcontractors are the perfect choice for those who need quick and professional service for expert stud wall partitioning and timber installation. They are available to provide experienced and quality work for small and large jobs throughout the UK. The next time that you are engaged in a carpentry related project for yourself or another client, Oliver Wild carpentry subcontractors are ready to help finish the job in a timely and professional manner.

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