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Staircases are common facilities that serve homeowners well when they need to access upper sections of their houses. Constructing them, however, can be very complicated. You must get the right people for the job. You cannot afford to get anything wrong when it comes to the construction of staircases. With our timber installation services in Sheffield, you will get the best people for staircase installations. We aspire to meet and surpass your expectations at all times.

Regulations and Safety

Constructing a staircase can be very tricky. It is not just about putting together pieces of wood on a gradient. Some regulations will determine their construction, and they include; • Height and position of handrails • Minimum width • Number of steps in a flight • The head clearance space above the stairs • The allowable slope.

There are specific safety rules in the UK about all these features that we will observe. For instance, the maximum going and the rise of a private staircase is 220mm. When constructing your staircase, we also adhere to the building codes applicable to your location.

Design and Style

There are so many design options for you when it comes to staircase construction. You can pick one that suits you most. A vital point to remember is that you can make or ruin your décor with your staircase choice. Staircases not only have to be practical but beautiful as well. With the help of our creative installation team, we can help you come up with a bespoke staircase that fits your requirements. To produce the perfect design, we have to consider the location of the staircase as well. It also has to be in the right position. You may want a spiral staircase, but the location may not allow it. We also give credence to the type of people that are going to use the staircase as well. If there are children or old persons, then your staircase has to be safe for them.


We will build your staircase with the budget you provide. Once we give you an estimate, you can plan your budget carefully. We undertake all kinds of jobs; it doesn’t matter if you need a short staircase for your front entrance or a spiral one for the inside. With our timber installation services, we have something for everyone. These are just some of the fundamentals that we will consider when constructing a staircase that is safe and worth your investment. Please give us a call today.

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