Multi Discipline Subcontractor

Oliver Wild himself is a qualified joiner and worked as a joinery subcontractor in 1989. The whole business has been built around Oliver's joinery and management skills and his contacts throughout the joinery and carpentry trade. The company now specialises in joinery sub contracting, in particular labour only, new build and refurbishment joinery packages. Recent joinery subcontracts of note are Lenton Highrise, 30 new Dwellings in Bromsgrove, Amazon Distribution Centre in Peterborough, Post Office Sorting Centre in Kirkby and Decent Homes in West Bromwich to name a few. For further information please call Heidi Hope on 07946095197.

Available for all sorts of joinery woodwork, including the on-site construction stair cases, window frames and doorways, our joiners are reliable and efficient. They are at the ready for all sorts of subcontracting work, domestic or otherwise, and can be deployed to site at just the right moment to keep the project progressing.


Brickwork Subcontractor

Our brickwork sub contractors are skilled tradespeople who are able to work on site and integrate their work seamlessly with other trades. Skilled with bricklaying and all types of wall construction, they are equally at home with decorative brickwork and can help to ensure that site schedules are met without going over deadlines.


Groundworks Subcontractor

Capable of undertaking all sorts of earthworks, groundworks subcontractors are sub-contractors who specialise in topsoil excavation, rock removal and levelling. Our operatives are qualified to use all of the heavy machinery that may be needed, including diggers, bulldozers and backhoe loaders. Often needed at the outset of a project to prepare the land for later work, our groundworks subbies are able to get a building site up and running with the minimum of fuss.

Roofing Subcontractor

Our roofers are able to react to your needs with complete flexibility, which is ideal since a roofing subbie is often called for with little notice, especially if there is an emergency or a break in the weather which means a job needs to be completed in good time. Able to deal with tiles, purlins and pitched roofs, all of our operatives are trained to be able to work at height. They are as equally at home working on flat roofs with membrane coverings.

Finishing Subcontractor

Completing a construction industry job is just as important as how you start them, certainly in the view of end clients. Our finishing sub contractor team know this and are able to bring all projects to an end with a flourish, dealing with sites with all the attention to detail that you would expect of your own in-house staff. If you need a project finished with a professional touch from a specialist team of operatives, then look no further.

Plumbing Subcontractor

Outsourcing plumbing requirements to a specialist firm can be the best thing to do from the point of view of controlling expenditure, but an expert in plumbing can also mean that main contractors get a better job done in the first place. Our plumbers are capable of providing a professional service no matter where they are needed and can progress well on site alongside any other work that happens to be going on at the same time.

Plastering Subcontractor

Progress with construction projects can sometimes slow down with other tradespeople standing idle while plasterwork is undertaken. Our subbies are able to speed up all types of plastering jobs making for a quick, efficient and reliable service which many customers call for again and again. Whilst swift working is important, our plasterers never compromise on the quality of their work, whether it is on internal walls or ceilings.

Ceramic Tiling Subcontractor

When looking for a sub contractor to undertake tiling work, speed is a key factor. However, tiling must always look attractive so attention to detail is just as important. Our specialist tilers are capable of providing both each and every time. From simple arrangements of tiles, to much more complex patterns, all sorts of tiling work can be undertaken for en-suites, bathrooms and kitchens.

Decorating Subcontractor

Painting and decorating services are usually best outsourced by main contractors, so long as a reliable team can be found. Our decorating operatives undertake all types of work, achieving high-quality finishes whilst getting on in a way that does not impact with any other site activities which might need to be conducted at the same time.

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