Oliver Wild Ltd has extensive refurbishment experience in most sectors including schools, hospitals, listed building's and social housing. We are able to deliver joinery sub contracting or full packages. 


Many Sheffield properties require substantial upgrades from time to time. While we are well respected within the construction industry, we are just as able to take on even the most challenging of refurbishment tasks. The end result will be a property that has returned to its former glory in the minimal amount of time and with little disruption to your daily routine. Let us take a quick look at some of the advantages that you can expect to enjoy when selecting our professional refurbishment team.

Clarity from the Start

Do you desire a home renovation? Perhaps you are hoping to refurbish a school, a hotel or a care facility? Regardless of your needs, we are more than happy to help. During the initial consultation process, we will determine exactly what it is that you require to be performed. We will also provide you with a realistic estimate as well as the expected completion date. You will therefore have a very clear picture of what lies ahead.

The Professional Approach

All of our employees boast years of experience within the refurbishment industry. So, we are able to address a multitude of different needs with the same level of expertise that our customers have come to expect over the years. We are also more than happy to address any questions that you may have during the refurbishment process itself. Our employees will be pleased to explain their approach and should you have any additional requirements as the job progresses, we are flexible enough to be able to modify our workload accordingly.

All Under One Roof

Unlike other companies, we are able to offer full refurbishment services, from plumbing and electrical to carpentry and bespoke restoration. Any property can be returned to its former lustre in no time at all.

Professional refurbishment is as much of an art form as it is a skilled trade, so, we employ only the most dedicated and committed professionals. If you would like to learn more or should you require our expertise, please do not hesitate to speak directly with one of our representatives.

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