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At Oliver Wild Ltd, Extra Care Schemes both new build and refurbishment have become one of our key sectors of speciality. From the re-modelling of a seventy bedroom care home in Barnsley to the new build ninety bedroom extra care scheme in Sheffield, our experience in the construction and refurbishment of extra care buildings is second to none. We also have plenty of knowledge of how to adapt properties to meet the additional requirements of extra care services. No matter what the need might be, we can adapt a wide range of properties, from flats to larger houses, to allow continued residence of a home, often the preferred solution for many people. Our extra care construction and refurbishment services mean that people suffering from dementia, or who have other additional living requirements, can live safely and in an environment that has been designed to support their needs. We construct extra care housing schemes in a variety of settings and are capable of undertaking all sorts of building projects which are either dedicated homes, which are purposely designed to cater for inhabitants with additional needs, or that have been adapted to do so.


Our services cover all of the construction work that might need to be undertaken including those specialist trades which allow for the additional provision required in the infrastructure of an extra care home. Given that many of the housing schemes we have been involved with in the past have focussed on the daily living needs of people with dementia – and other conditions commonly associated with older age – all of our work is undertaken with care and professionalism by skilled tradespeople with years worth of experience. In short, the extra care construction work we take on can be relied upon to last many years into the future.


A good number of the extra care housing units we have built have been specified as part of a wider project where other services are required. Along with dwelling units, this means that our team of construction professionals are well-versed in other buildings which are often part of a new build design. This, for instance, might include the provision of a salon as a part of the project work. In other cases, it might be that a shop needs to be integrated among the housing units. The pride we take in constructing such buildings is because we know that they create a sense of community within a new build project – something that you don't always achieve with extra care housing alone.


Along with our extensive expertise with extra care construction, our staff also have a good deal of experience with refurbishment and adaptation work. When it comes to refurbishment, this often involves assessing the works that need to be undertaken in an extra care housing unit, or multiple units, and then carrying out our refurbishment with the minimum of disruption to the resident. In many cases, we are able to get the necessary refurbishment work done with the tenant or owner in situ. However, when this is not possible, we can schedule our work to coincide with a decant, as organised by the landlord or service provider, in many cases. When it comes to refurbishment of extra care facilities, our experience means that we can work in a way that suits the resident best, something that is a particularly important consideration when dealing with vulnerable people.

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