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Health and Safety- Accreditations

Within the construction industry Health and Safety standards are paramount and particular accreditations and approvals are needed by the majority of contractors. As a company Oliver Wild Ltd follow and are compliant with all Health and Safety regulations. We have been assessed and inspected by a number of accreditors to ensure that we meet all standards and procedures.

This process can be extensive and therefore time consuming. By holding these accreditations, we can save you time and you can be rest assured that our procedures and policies meet all regulations.

Being accredited shows that we take Health and Safety seriously and ensures that we meet all Health and Safety laws. It also confirms that we have the capability, experience and resources to carry out the work safely to a high standard.

Why choose an accredited contractor?

Within construction clients have legal obligations to carry out health and safety assessments of potential contractors. The criteria surrounding this has been set out by the Health and Safety executive in the Construction Design and Management (CDM) regulations 2015.

The construction industry is one of the highest risk industries in the UK, accounting for 22% of fatal injuries for workers, despite only employing 5% of the British work force. It’s not surprising therefore that Health and Safety is seen as being number one priority for clients when looking for sub-contractors. Clients now ask contractors to demonstrate their Healthy and Safety policies through accreditations, which can be difficult for smaller companies.

Clients however can be rest assured that companies who can provide such accreditations have met the required health and Safety standards. Companies have already been assessed to government standards and are therefore ready to do business with you right away. There is no need for clients to be chasing documents saving them time and hassle.


Health and safety requirements

Companies have a duty to ensure that all contractors comply with health and safety and are responsible for everyone working on site. They must therefore ensure that they only allow people to work on site who are competent and aware of such regulations.

In line with the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015, Clients and Principal Contractors are required to ensure that anyone appointed or engaged to work on any construction project, has the skills, knowledge, experience and, where relevant, the organisational capability to do so.

Save time and money

Companies who already hold the main accreditations can save clients’ time and money in administrations costs. It also cut pre-qualifications costs and bureaucracy in the supply chain. Such checks can be done in house however can be costly and time consuming. By companies already having accreditations it means they are able to start work straight away and you can rest assured that they meet all industry standards. It also gives businesses more time to concentrate on other important things such as contract negotiations etc.


Assessment criteria

The assessment process involves looking at company details, their health and safety, insurances, equality and environmental policies etc.

Such assessments mean that you can be rest assured that Oliver Wild ltd have specific experience in the type of work that they will be contracted to do; that they have trained staff; and that they have the resources to meet the client's needs.

These accreditations are recognised by the HSE and accreditation schemes that have quality assurance processes.  In short, you and your clients can have confidence in the credibility of Oliver Wild Ltd.





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