How to become a Joinery Contractor

Become a Joiner

Joinery is proven to be a rewarding and satisfying career. Especially for individuals who like to create things out of their own hands. In addition to this skills such as creativity along with attention to detail and problem-solving skills are all needed to become a Joiner. If you want to become a carpentry contractor you can achieve your aspiration to become one. Below are helpful steps to become a site joiner that you can follow.

What Does a Joiner Do?

First of all before you can fully embrace a career in Joinery, you need to understand what a joiner really does. Joinery contractors are usually tasked with installing timber fixtures, fittings and wooden structures. These can be used in a wide variety of construction projects. The role of a joiner ranges from fitting floorboards and window frames, fixing roof trusses etc. In addition to this joiners also construct storage, shop fronts and even formwork for concrete structures.

If you want to become a Joinery contractor, you need to familiarise yourself with a variety of tools. Joiners use a  range of power and hand tools depending on the type of project. The type of works commonly fall on the following categories:

  • Formwork
  • First fixing (site work)
  • Second fixing (site work)
  • Shop fitting
  • Kitchen Fitting
  • Final fixing

Depending on the type of job or project, joiners may work in collaboration with many other construction tradespeople.

Consider a Joinery Apprenticeship

If you want a career in the joinery industry whilst earning an income and learning you should consider an apprenticeship. This is actually the best way to become a joinery contractor. In a comprehensive joinery apprenticeship, you will be trained in industrial and domestic joinery methods. The best companies will certainly support and encourage you to reach your potential. You will have the chance to learn from other people who are experts in this field.  Furthermore you will also gain insights which only come from real world experiences. Finally at the end of the joinery apprenticeship, you will have a good mix of effective learning experiences. As a result this will ensure that you will develop the essential skills which will support and help you in the future.

Establish a Good Foundation in Joinery through NVQ Courses

Joinery qualifications can usually be attained within 3 years where you will be devoted to training.  This will provide you with clear insights about the type of work you will be handling later on in the joinery industry.

NVQ courses generally provide you with the skills and knowledge that you need in order to qualify and become a joinery contractor. Once the intensive training is completed, you will become an industry ready site joiner.

Aside from this, there are other traits that are needed to become a carpentry contractor. You need to be methodical and be capable of planning out works accurately. You must also be capable of following technical plans and drawings and must have excellent manual skill and practical ability.

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